Joaquin Jimenez-Sauma

Sound Designer, Producer, Ableton Live Certified Trainer, Masters Degree in Computer Sciences, full time Lecturer at his own school, DJ, Label Owner, Live Performer and creative at Menta Movement, digital and scenic arts company. Currently a Masters Student at Pompeu Fabra University studying Sound and Music Computing.

R&A at Rondo, where he is constantly searching and promoting the best talents around, curating music and DJ sessions.

Began programming alternative and electronic music in clubs and on the radio in the early nineties. Since then, his love for music, technology and production got him deeply involved in music making and live performance of electronic music.

His unique blend of techno and electronic genres has seen him perform alongside top national and international DJs, who admire his ability to read the crowd and play the right music at the right time.

As a performer, in experimental music sessions, live sets, and contemporary dance pieces, he has found a way to explore further possibilities of the man/machine relationship and become specialist in live performance.

Joaquin also enjoys success as a producer with a long list of tracks released on labels from all over the world and also heading his own label, Selector Records.

When discovered Ableton Live, it immediately became his favorite tool for studio production, recording and live performance, enabling him to gain extensive practical knowledge of the software until he became the first Ableton Certified Trainer in Latin America. He currently teaches Electronic Music Production and Ableton Courses his own online school and youtube channel, with focus on production, live performance, recording, generative music, sound design and techniques for creativity.

Additionally, provides masterclasses and conferences on the subject of audio production, sound design, recording, DJing, live performance, interactivity and scenic arts. Joaquin has had presentations and given masterclasses and workshops in technology events, universities and music festivals like Mutek (Mexico and Spain), SAE Institute, TagDF, SoundCheck Expo and Campus Party. He is also the founder and coordinator of the Ableton Usergroup in Mexico.

Joaquin creates and performs sound art pieces and live visuals for dance, installations and performances, with presentations in galleries, theater, festivals and alternative scenarios.

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